Is Butterflies a registered organisation?

Yes. Butterflies is a registered voluntary organisation working with the most vulnerable groups of children, especially street and working children since 1989. Butterflies is registered under the Registration of Societies Act, 1860, Indian Public Trust Act, 1950 and the Foreign Contributions (Regulation) Act, 1976.

How is Butterflies different from other organisations?

Butterflies was born with the core value and belief is that it must be a democratic organisation and children’s voices have to be listened to seriously. Children’s participation in decision making processes is central to Butterflies’ work ethos. By involving children and seeking their views at every stage of program design, implementation and evaluation, Butterflies ensures that children play an active role in their own growth. All our programmes have a common theme of child participation and enabling children to have a voice of their own. Our programmes for children are designed, implemented & evaluated in close consultation with children and taking their suggestions/inputs very seriously & faithfully.

What are the sources of Butterflies’ funds?

Since our inception in 1989, we have been supported by central & state governments of India and several individuals & organisations both within the country and from outside. Check our Supporters page to know who they are.

Do you accept donations?

Yes, being a registered non-profit organization we are allowed to accept donations. Currently we accept donations online, through demand drafts, cash & kind donations or through bank transfers which are duly acknowledged through stamped receipts.

What will Butterflies do with my Donation?

Butterflies runs programmes which focus on education, health, children’s media, vocational education and shelter. Your support will go towards these programmes which are aimed at promoting the healthy development of children, through life skills education alongside formal education, to an adulthood in which they can be valuable and productive citizens of the country. Our programmes focus is to empower children to exit the cycle of generational poverty & illiteracy.

How do I ensure that my donation for the NGO is utilized properly?

Butterflies is very transparent in its operations and you are free to check our accounts and/or visit programmes. Accounts and programmes are monitored & evaluated and audited regularly and strict guidelines on finances are maintained adhering to government regulations at all times. Butterflies is governed by a Board of Trustees and is independently audited on an annual basis. Our supporters also receive an Annual Report of programmes conducted.

How do we donate online?

Online donation through Butterflies’ website is safe & easy. We have multiple donation options. The donation can be made as follows-

Select any of the donation causes on the page or enter any amount you may wish to donate.

Confirm the amount and enter your name, contact and other details. Please double check before proceeding for payment.

Fill in your credit/debit card/bank account details. You will get a confirmation of your donation through an email with a donation number and a receipt for your donation.

Is it safe to give my credit/debit card details online?

Our payments are processed through a reputed payment gateway-PayU Money – who adopt stringent security measures to ensure that critically sensitive information, such as your personal information and your credit/debit card details, are protected.

How safe is my personal information with Butterflies on the Butterflies site?

We are committed to protecting your personal information with us. For more details, please do read our Privacy Policy and our Terms & Conditions.

What if my address or phone number changes?

You have complete control over your personal information with Butterflies. You can change all your personal data – name, address, phone numbers, email id by writing to us. We’ll update our records as soon as possible.

Can I donate in any foreign currency?

We accept donations only in Indian Rupees on the Butterflies India site. You can also send us Cheques/ Demand Drafts in any currency. Donors residing in countries other than India, US and UK, can also donate via bank transfers or via Butterflies USA Foundation’s online donation platform . Please write to us at for details on this.

Can I donate to Butterflies from outside of India?

If you are an Indian residing outside India, you can donate through Butterflies India website even if you are living outside of India.

Why do you need my passport number/government issued identity card?

We require this information due to the government regulations and the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, (FCRA), 1976.

Are there any tax benefits for donating to Butterflies?

All donations to Butterflies are 100% exempt from tax under section 80G.

Will I receive any tax exemption certificate?

While donating, please mention that you wish to claim tax benefits. The tax exemption certificate will reach you within 45 working days. Only those who mention their complete and correct address will be sent the certificate.

I’d like to make a gift to Butterflies in my will. What information do I need to include?

Request you to please include our full name, registered address and NGO registration number as below:
Regd. Office : C/o Prabhatara,
Mohammadpur Village,
R. K. Puram Sec.-1,
New Delhi-110 066.
Registration Number: S-20202

I have been appointed as an executor of will and there is a bequest to Butterflies. How do I send you the money?

Please send a cheque payable to Butterflies to:
U-4, Green Park Extension,
New Delhi-110016.
Tel: +91-11-26163935, 46471000
Please also include details of the donor for our reference.

Can I meet the children I am assisting?

Butterflies follows a strict child protection policy. Since we work with children from difficult backgrounds and vulnerable children section of children we do not reveal the identity of the child to you. However you may visit select programmes on a schedule visit.

Do you send supporters any information?

Apart from monthly newsletters, we also send communication material every quarter to the donors, providing updates on program activities and sharing success stories from Butterflies’ work supported by your donations.

How do I contact you to explore more donation options?

For more assistance or information on donating to Butterflies, please do write to us at