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| April 13, 2018 | Our Programmes

Child Health & Sports Cooperative

Child Health & Sports Co-operative (CHSC) is a unique initiative facilitated in the year 1995. One of the key objectives of CHSC is to promote safe and healthy living among children and communities. The cooperative has regular workshops where the children deliberate on health, nutrition and environment issues and gain knowledge regarding prevention of diseases and the importance of nutrition and a clean environment. The cooperative is based on the principle that through collective action children can collectively advocate for services.
By contributing a very small fee every month (transferred to their Children’s Development Khazana account) children become CHSC members and learn the importance of budgeting for health care too. Child Health Educators (CHE) of CHSC are promoters and grassroots health educators among their peers and community.  Every year, selected children undergo training which includes administering first aid, addressing minor health issues and hospital visits to understand the functioning of hospitals.

Why Child Health & Sports Cooperative

Play, recreation and sports are considered to be cornerstone of children’s health and well-being and researchers have found its positive impact on the life of children. Playing together provides opportunities for social, moral as well as emotional development hence counts as a vehicle for personality development. In addition to this advantage, play erodes the boundaries of caste, religion, color and gender. In spite of the importance given by researches from a range of disciplines including education, psychology, philosophy and anthropology, millions of children are denied opportunities for play and recreation due to varying reasons like war, conflict, diseases, abilities, poverty, lack of safe spaces, and lack or recognition of the importance or misconceptions on play and recreational activities.

The Child Health & Sports Cooperative (CHSC) sees children’s participation in sport as a life skill in itself. The core goal of CHSC is to support street-connected and ethnically marginalised children lead healthy lives and make positive, informed choices. Sport has been identified as an important element to achieve those core goals and also to strengthen efforts around emerging issues to improve mental health, tackle risk behaviour and overcome social isolation.
In Child Health and Sports Cooperative (CHSC), sports is one of the mechanisms for ensuring the emotional well-being of children especially overcoming the social isolation, and improving their physical and mental health so that they can improve their life chances.

The mission of the Child Health & Sports Cooperative is to educate every poor child on the importance of safe and healthy living which would help them to stay healthy and reduce their vulnerability to preventable illnesses, thereby saving them from medical expenses and further poverty.

In New Delhi, India, Butterflies runs a curative component of CHSC which includes a well-equipped mobile health van with a doctor and nurse visiting all contact points on a weekly basis to provide medical treatment to children in need. 

CHSC is a children’s cooperative which- 

1.Promotes Safe and Healthy Living among Children and Communities

2.Has Collective Ownership and Participation of Children

3.Has regular and sustained dialogue with primary health providers and local government on health and environment issues of children, communities and neighbourhoods

4.Has Children as Child Health Educators- the Promoters and Grassroots Health Educators among their Peers

5.Gives Training on First Aid, Addressing Minor Health Issues and Hospital Visits

6.Raises Awareness on Diseases and Nutrition through Regular Training Workshops

As of March 2019,  CHSC is operational in eight countries across the world and in ten states of India with a total membership of 15,669 children (8,305 boys and 7,364 girls) .    

Check out our YouTube Channel and view some inspiring videos on this programme and several other initiatives. 



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