Taking the School to Children

Mobile Schools in the Year 2016-17

Mobile Education in Delhi-

  • 290 children were enrolled in our regular education programme 
  • 412 children benifited by accessing services of these mobile schools
  • 254 children were mainstreamed into formal school
  • 12 community meetings and 1 workshop were organised to sensitise parents and other stake holders on essential parenting skills required for children’s wellbeing. 
  • 262 children (189 boys and 73 girls)  were given basic computer education.
  • Seven children have been nominated for an advanced computer course run by Habitat Learning Centre.

Two mobile schools in Uttarakhand operational in 3 districts of Uttarakhand (Udham Singh Nagar, Haridwar and Dehradun)-

  • 640 children (340 boys and 300 girls) were enrolled in government schools, after initial educational support through the multipurpose van 
  • 568 children (245 boys and 256 girls) were enrolled in formal government schools, after initial educational support through the multipurpose van
  • 45 children (34 girls and 11 boys) have been enrolled in upper primary classes
  • 523 Children (248 girls and 275 boys ) have been enrolled In primary classes
  • 627 people (312 mothers, 234 fathers, 46 stakeholders and 35 government officials) participated in 16 parents/ community meeting at our contact points.
  • 236 children (138 Girls and 98 boys) participated in 15 bal sabhas conducted on a monthly basis
  • 32 children participated in the sapno ki udaan program (Cultural program) organized by the Education department
  • 133 children in Haridwar have received the mid day meal from the Sarva Shikshya Abhiyan
  • 400 parents were sensitized on the Right to Education Act, protecting the girl child and various schemes and scholarships available from the government
  • 233 Children (148 girls and 85 boys) have received deworming medicine from Sarva Shikshya Abhiyan
  • 94 Children (56 girls and 38 boys) have been trained in basic First Aid management 
  • 233 children (110 girls and 123 boys ) were accessing the library
  • 151 children (89 girls and 62 boys ) participated in an exposure visit
  • 10 teachers participated in teacher training program organized by State Institute of Educational Management and Training Uttarakhand, (SIEMAT) Dehradun

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