Taking the School to Children

Mobile Schools in the Year 2015-16

Mobile Education in Delhi-

  • 215 children were enrolled in our regular education programme 
  • 440 children benifited by accessing services of these mobile schools
  • 189 children were mainstreamed into formal school
  • 13 community meetings and 3 campaigns were organized to sensitize parents and other stakeholders on essential parenting skills required for children’s wellbeing.
  • 103 children (76 boys and 27 girls) were given basic computer education.
  • Seven children have been nominated for an advanced computer course run by Habitat Learning Centre.

Two mobile schools in Uttarakhand operational in 3 districts of Uttarakhand (Udham Singh Nagar, Haridwar and Dehradun)-

  • 553 children (288 boys and 265 girls) were enrolled in government schools, after initial educational support through
  • the multipurpose van 
  • 22 children (13 boys and 9 girls) have been enrolled in upper primary classes
  • 531 children (275 boys and 256 girls) have been enrolled in primary classes
  • 705 people (400 mothers, 200 fathers, 85 stakeholders and 20 government officials) participated in 27 parents / community meetings at our contact points
  • 693 children (367 girls and 326 boys) participated in 24 bal sabhas conducted on a monthly basis.
  • 21 children participated and won prizes in the Sapno Ki Udaan programme organized by the Sarva Shikshya Abhiyan, Department of Education, Uttarakhand Government
  • 100 children in Haridwar district have started receiving the Midday Meal from the government

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