Child Protection

Child Protection Interventions in the Year 2016-17

  • 308 children received protection & opportunities for development at Butterflies Night Shelter & Resilience Centre
  • 30 children were enrolled in formal school
  • 278 children were provided shelter, care and protection in the resilience centre  
  • Butterflies ChildLine dealt with a total of 1,443 cases during the reporting period. The highest number of reported cases concerned protection from abuse (28%), followed by cases of runaway children (14.9%)
  • 484 cases were produced before the Child Welfare Committees for directions under the Juvenile Justice Act, 2015
  • 132 home enquiries were marked to Butterflies Childline by CWC
  • 37 children were rescued from child labour
  • In 316 cases, Childline arranged shelter for children in crisis
  • 90 outreach programmes were conducted in south and south-east districts
  • 13% of the cases are reported by Allied Systems for shelter requirement, social investigation or restoration
  • 31 children were escorted to their native place for restoration as their parents were unable to come to Delhi
  • 2 children were diagnosed with conduct disorder and were admitted to Institute of Human Behavior and Allied Sciences (IHBAS) for treatment. One of them was restored back to the family after the treatment whereas the other child was sent to a long term Child Care Institution where his brother was living as the family was declared unfit by the Child Welfare Committee. 
  • 12 children were substance users and referred to de-addiction center for substance treatment. Their cases were handed over to the respective De-Addiction Centre i.e. SPYM- Society for Promotion of Youth and Masses De-Addiction Centre for Children. 

Apart from restoring lost and found children, Butterflies Resilience Centre also provides immediate psychosocial, medical
and legal support to children rescued from abusive situations. The children are engaged in fun-learning activities and life skills training programme covering personal hygiene,dental care, seasonal diseases, self awareness, etc. The sessions help children
develop healthy habits like taking a bath every day, brushing teeth, combing hair, grooming well etc.

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