Child Protection

Child Protection Interventions in the Year 2015-16

  • 209 children received protection & opportunities for development at Butterflies Night Shelter & Resilience Centre
  • 48 children were enrolled in formal school
  • 145 children were provided shelter, care and protection in the resilience centre out of which, 100 children were restored to their families and 45 to age appropriate shelters
  • Butterflies resilience centre through the Childline service intervened in 769 children's cases. Out of the total 769 cases, the highest number of cases were related to protection from abuse i.e. 291 cases (38%) followed by 82 cases of parents searching for missing children.
  • 79 FIRs relating to child rights violation were filed by Butterflies during this period and staff members regularly appeared before the court as prosecution witnesses ensuring justice for children.

Apart from restoring lost and found children, Butterflies Resilience Centre also provides immediate psychosocial, medical
and legal support to children rescued from abusive situations. The children are engaged in fun-learning activities and life skills training programme covering personal hygiene,dental care, seasonal diseases, self awareness, etc. The sessions help children
develop healthy habits like taking a bath every day, brushing teeth, combing hair, grooming well etc.

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