Building Community Capacities and Participation to Prevent Violence Against Children

Year in Review 2016-17

  • 614 children (351 boys and 263 girls) are accessing the services of all 5 CDCs
  • 405 children (187 boys and  218 girls) are studying in formal schools
  • 381 children (189 boys and 192 girls) from these CDCs are enrolled in Butterflies’ education programme
  • 203 children (97 boys and 106 girls) are attending computer classes held at each CDC. The centers are equipped with multiple machines and computer time is allotted to students
  • 189 children (88 boys and 101 girls) are using the libraries at each CDC
  • 288 children are members of Child Health Cooperative (CHC), (135 boys and 153 girls)
  • 139 children (91 boys and 58 girls) participated in 6 Sports days organized for children. 
  • 105 women participated in 2 Sports activities were organized for parents in which 105 women participated. They requested Butterflies to organize sports activities not only for their children but for them also
  • 144 children participated in 2 football tournaments conducted in Commonwealth Games Village
  • 66 children were enrolled in schools and ten children were referred to CDCs for education support
  • 429 people (287 children and 142 adults) participated in a health camp consisting of general health checkup, eyes and dental checkups. 

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