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My Khazana, My Dreams

A Book on Children's Experiences with Children's Development Khazana

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Safar-Our Journey

A Book on Stories of Lives Transformed by Butterflies

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My Name is Today

My name is Today is a new journal on Children and Society published by the Advocacy & Research Centre of Butterflies.


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Children and Crime, The Story Behind

This study undertaken by Butterflies, has made an attempt to find out       a) who these children involved in offences are? b) what factors predisposed them to crimes/offending acts and c) how they have been treated by the system. The information related to the study was elicited from 605 children in conflict with law who are serving at various detention centers- observation homes, special homes and place of Safety- across four states of the country viz., Delhi, Orissa, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

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Walking with Her- Butterflies Programmes with Girl Children in Delhi

This study is an attempt to make out the impact of the interventions made by Butterflies in the lives of girl children and changes in the outreach of the organization over the years.

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Situation of Children & Child Rights in India

The purpose of this study was to assess the situation of children and child rights in India through a comprehensive desk research.Using information collected and collated from secondary and tertiary sources, the study attempted to assess the situation of children and child rights in India entailing information revolving around rights to survival, rights to development, rights to protection and rights to participation.

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Children in News, Vol. XXVII, 2016 - Social Exclusion

This issue of the ‘Children in News’ is dedicated to the theme ‘Children and Social Exclusion’. The leading articles highlight the prominent forms of social exclusion and discrimination and also challenges faced by the deprived and vulnerable sections of the society. Contact us for your copy now. 

Children In News, Vol. XXVI, 2015

This issue of Children in News, is devoted to the theme of 'Children and Mental Health'. The leading articles are focusing on child and adolscent mental health around the world; mental health issues and challenges in India; influencing mental health factors and also strategies to prevent and treat child mental health problems. Contact us for your copy now. 

Children In News, Vol. XXV, 2015

This issue of Children in News, is on Education & Care Linkages. It is an attempt to highlight the important relationship between proper education and care of children.Contact us for your copy now. 

Children In News, Vol. XXIV, 2015

This issue of Children in News, is on the issue of Homelessness. It is an attempt to highlight the causes and characteristics of homelessness.Contact us for your copy now. 

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