Child Protection

Resilience Centre

Butterflies Resilience Centre is a licensed shelter home for boys licensed under the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act 2000, as amended in 2006. It has a capacity to accommodate 15 children who stay 24X7 in the Resilience Centre until their restoration with parents or transfer to long-term children's home. Since its inception, the Resilience Centre has been providing care, protection and restoration service to a number of children in distress. The Resilience Centre also houses the CHILDLINE (1098), which is a national toll free helpline for children in crisis supported by the Ministry of Women & Child Development, Government of India. Psychosocial, medical and legal support are also provided to children in crisis.

Education Hostel for Children

Butterflies runs an Education Hostel in Daryaganj, Old Delhi for children who go to formal school. The hostel is conveniently located and easily accessible for children who live & work in the area. At the hostel, facilities like Education, Healthcare & Food, Entertainment, Yoga & Counseling, Restoration and other essentials like blankets/ quilts, mattresses, lockers and items needed for sanitation & hygiene are also provided to children. This hostel is also used for conducting Child Health Educators Training, Bal Sabhas, recreational programmes by supporters and also by the Butterflies Health Post team to provide healthcare facilities to children in need. The hostel is managed by 3 caregivers, a cleaner and a coordinator. Through the hostel Butterflies provides protection and opportunities for development to almost 100 street & working children on a daily basis.


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