Butterflies Broadcasting Children

Butterflies Children's Media known as Butterflies Broadcasting Children (BBC) gives children the space to create their very own media that gives an expression to the unheard voice of children. It provides opportunities for children to train and participate in the production of their own newspaper, radio programs, audio video programs and theatre. 

The objective of children’s media project is to provide children with a platform of communication, to equip them with the practical knowledge and skills in the new media technologies, to make them self-reliable and articulate in expressing their own ideas and views in the general public, as a life skill education and path way to find their own field of interest and to make children aware of happenings in the world.

Bachon Ki Nazar Se - Through The Eyes of a Child- An all new Radio Programme by BBC
ON AIR - "Through The Eyes of a Child" - An all new Radio Programme by Butterflies Broadcasting Children (BBC) on All India Radio- FM Rainbow Delhi 102.6MHz - Every Thursday at 4.45 pm 

A Radio Programme by Children to tell their story and bridge the gap between adults’ and children’s perception and make this world a happier, friendlier and safer place for children.

All the programmes are aired on All India Radio and are also available for listeners on YouTube here  

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